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Move over, Oprah: Martha’s Read-Aloud Book Club

We're in the "Martha Speaks" book club!

Who needs Oprah to tell us what to read?! Just got news that Hanni and Beth: Safe & Sound is one of the six books selected for the Martha Speaks Read-Aloud Book Club! From the PBS Kids web site:

At the core of the Martha Speaks Read- Aloud Book Club are six culturally diverse children’s books representing a range of genres and styles:

Once I Ate a Pie ( Poetry)
By Patricia MacLachlan and
Emily MacLachlan Charest

HarperCollins, 2006
A Kid’s Best Friend ( Nonfiction)
By Maya Ajmera and Alex Fisher
Charlesbridge, 2002

Not Afraid of Dogs ( Picture book)
By Susanna Pitzer
Walker & Company, 2006

Now Hiring: White House Dog (Picture book)
By Gina Bazer and Renanah Lehner
Walker & Company, 2009

Martha and Skits (Picture book)
By Susan Meddaugh
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2000

Hanni and Beth: Safe & Sound (Picture book)
By Beth Finke
Blue Marlin Publications, Ltd., 2007

The site outlines read-aloud sessions for each book, ideal for story hours at schools, libraries, scout meetings and book store events. During each one-hour session, children watch a Martha Speaks episode, listen to a book read aloud, engage in conversation about the book (using new vocabulary), and participate in a hands-on activity. You can download a bunch of very cool stuff to use during the read-aloud sessions at the PBS Kids web site:

  • Resource guide (with discussion questions, vocabulary
    words and definitions, a hands-on activity, and activity extension ideas)
  • Supporting materials (character cards, sticker template, children’s take-home book list, librarian book list, and M- A- R- T- H- A song lyrics), and
  • Promotional materials ( poster, flyer, participant sign- up sheet,
    and customizable stationery)

Each of the six books selected for Martha’s Book Club coordinates with a Martha Speaks episode on PBS. For Hanni and Beth: Safe & Sound, they suggest kids watch an episode where Martha wants to pursue her dream of becoming a real firehouse dog, but then realizes the job is not as easy as it seems. You can download this episode from the PBS Kids site, too. Is this cool or what?

The Martha Speaks Read-Aloud Book Club resource guide is three pages long so I can’t go into all the details here. It does suggest inviting a special guest to read-aloud sessions, so if any of you teachers or librarians are interested: Hanni and I would love to come.

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