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My Brother’s Indecision: Read All About It in the NY Times

My brother Doug and his wife are featured in a story in today’s NY Times about undecided voters. I’m proud of my brother — he’s a smart guy and an excellent jazz musician. (You can listen to a song he wrote and performed–complete with a political reference–using the link at the bottom of this post.) I feel like we are close, but we really haven’t discussed politics lately. It wasn’t until I read today’s New York Times piece that I realized: I am related to…gasp…an undecided voter.

For weeks I’ve been wondering who these undecided voters could possibly be, what more do they need to know? And then, I read today’s Times. After getting past the part about my brother and sister-in-law, I started reading quotes from other undecideds in the story. And, okay. I was wrong. There still is something to be learned about the upcoming elections.

A Florida woman quoted in the story voted for Gore in 2000 and Carey in 2004, but said she had misgivings about Obama – she is Jewish and isn’t sure of his stance on the Middle East and Israel.

” She also worries about his “share the wealth ideas” and says that Michelle Obama comes on a little too strong. (“And someone should teach her how to dress, too.”)

Michelle Obama needs help figuring out how to dress? Who knew?! After being told I look a little like Barrack Obama’s wife, I just assumed she dresses impeccably.

So a note to Michelle: I get a lot of help from shopkeepers, friends – and Mike – in figuring out what looks good on me. Ask for advice. Trust me: people are happy to give it.

And if it’s true that Michelle Obama comes on too strong, well…you read this blog. You might say that Michelle and I have a lot more in common than looks!

Speaking of good looks, though, everyone tells me that Doug and Shelley Finke make a handsome couple. Apparently the NY Times graphic designers thought so, too – link to the article and check out the big photo of them that appears with the story.

Nearly one-and-a-half million people read the Sunday Times. And so, it’s decided. Doug and Shelley Finke are famous!

Here’s a song Doug wrote for me–and performed with his band. It was Doug’s homemade Christmas present to me in 2007. Thanks again Doug! Just click the “play” arrow/button below to start the player. You’ll hear a little musician talk before the song begins, so be patient. (For screen-reader users, hit the JAWS key and F5 key simultaneously. When prompted by Macromedia Flash player, hit “Enter.”)

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