Warsaw Weekend

Me, Beni (from England), Sheelagh (Belfast), beer & vodka (Warsaw reception hall)Bride & Groom (Agnieszka from Warsaw & Gerald from Berlin)The Palac Kultury i NaukiMore of the Palace

Whatta wonderful Warsaw weekend!  Weather was warm, we walked wherever we went. We witnessed where warriors waged war. We wandered where World War widows wept.
Wedding? Well, we waltzed, whirling wildly, wowing wedding-goers. Whew! Week-end, we were weary, worn-out, weak. Wonder why? Wodka.

Okay. Enough. But if you wondered how desperate I felt during that TEN HOUR FLIGHT from Warsaw to Chicago, now you know. I killed time dreaming up “w” words to describe the trip.


The flights back and forth were well worth it, though. Friends from all over Europe met up with us in Warsaw, most of them were people I’d met 20+ years ago through my job working with foreign students. I lost that job when I lost my sight – that was before the Americans with Disabilities Act. That career ended, but the more important thing– these friendships – have endured.

And the wedding, of course, was fabulous. The service took place at city hall, where a woman translated the Polish vows to German. The reception was at the Palac Kultury i Nauki, Palace of Culture and Science. The Palace was built by the Soviets in the 1950s as a “gift” to Polish society. A web site about the Palace says the decision to combine traditional Polish ornamentation with Soviet architecture inspired Warsawans to baptize the Palace as “an elephant in lacy underwear.” I didn’t hear anyone at the reception calling it that, but then again – I wouldn’t have understood their Polish!

And so, like I said in the “w” paragraph, Mike and I had a wonderful time. That “w” paragraph is entirely true, in fact. Oh, okay, except for one thing. Although we danced — a lot! — at the wedding, we didn’t waltz.

As for Hanni, she spent the week in a Chicago palace – with our friends Pat and Carol on Michigan Avenue. When Mike and I walked into their condo to pick Hanni up, the star of “Safe & Sound” did not bound up to cover me with kisses. She did come up to greet me, but then quickly retreated to her spot in her new living room to chew on her Nyla bone. She guided me home safely, but I wouldn’t use the word “overjoyed” to describe her work.
I’m not worried about this – who can blame her? In the end, I think Hanni enjoyed her vacation as much as Mike and I did!

11 Responses to “Warsaw Weekend”

  1. 1 Laurie Cashman October 3, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    I just love how Hanni shows her personality. I’m glad she enjoyed her little vacation. Mostly, though, I’m glad you and Mike had such a wonderful time. Nice pictures!


  2. 2 Shelley October 4, 2007 at 1:50 am

    Wow, what a wordsmith.

    Glad you’re all home –here it comes — safe and sound.


  3. 3 Beth October 4, 2007 at 2:04 am

    WORDSMITH! Dang, I didn’t think of that one.

  4. 4 Benita Black, Beth's Buddy October 4, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    Hey Bethie,

    I cannot wait to get my copies of the long-awaited book in both formats. I’ve got friends and relations eagerly anticipating their gifts!
    Your whirlwind Warsaw weekend was fun to read. Interestingly (for us in the speech arts), a Pole would be pronouncing all of your well-thought-out “w” words as “veez.” And wice-wersa.

    Talk soon.

  5. 5 Beth October 4, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    Wice-wersa?! Too funny….!

  6. 6 Shirley October 4, 2007 at 10:37 pm

    What? Why weren’t we welcomed whence you whipped up a working Website within WordPress? Wags?

    –Wounded in Wriggleyville

  7. 7 Beth October 5, 2007 at 2:42 am

    Wow, Shirley! Very impressive until your signature – hope the “in” before “Wrigleyville” doesn’t curse the Cubs tonight. Couldn’t it have been “Wounded Wrigleyville Wench”? Or hmm. something nicer. Wounded Wrigleyville WonderWoman? But still, must admit. Your entire “w” commentn is pretty darned good on three days rest.

  8. 8 Katie October 5, 2007 at 3:19 pm

    Thanks for the update. You look great. Hanni was spoiled as she should have been. My only addition to the W game is an old spelling of my state: ArkansaW

  9. 9 Beth October 7, 2007 at 3:01 am

    Hmm. I don’t think *ending* with a “w” counts. While we were wowed, we withdraw what was written, woman.

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